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Estevan Henderson & Rahel , married on 09/15/2018 

A photographer worth his weight in “GOLD”

We can’t say enough about our photographer, Marc Blondin; his incredible talent, skill and charisma helped make our 2 day wedding one of most memorable and—hands down—stress free time our lives. Marc’s eye for capturing the perfect shot was impeccable to say the least, even when it seemed like almost nothing could go right, there was Marc finding those precious and candid moments in what seemed like pure chaos. Times like that you would see the true nature and character of a person tested, and we are happy to say, our photographer NEVER disappointed. We were very fortunate that our engagement photo session with Marc helped us feel more relax and confident for the madness we knew was about to come. But knowing that our photographer understood us and was willing to do everything in his power to make our days special—not just with his words but in his actions—made all the difference in the world. That reassurance was more than just was inspiring.

During our madness, Marc had the patience to asses what was going on and how to find the absolute best shot. Taking those often stressful and difficult moments of our wedding and translating them into the most beautiful and timeless keepsakes we have today, we can’t say thank you to Marc enough; thank you for the patience, care and respect you gave us our entire wedding; thank you for working with all 600 plus friends and family and doing so with a smile, and most importantly, thank you for giving us your all, because we damn sure needed ever ounce of the unbelievable talent.

Estevan & Rahel Henderson 

Sent on 01/19/2019