Kelly & Chris / personal thank you letter

Hi Marc-


Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures!  They turned out GREAT—you did an awesome job!  We love so many of them!  (Thank-you so much)  I can’t wait for the wedding album & website.  We did narrow it down for our family and friends to see but we still need to narrow down even more...  


We will try to get this done for you later this week…  We’ve been really busy the past few days but we will have more time later this week to look through these—we’re definitely excited to show these to our family so we will work on this for you ASAP.


Thanks again Marc for the BEAUTIFUL pictures!  There were so many GREAT photos… I can’t wait to show all our friends & family. J  



Kelly & Chris Supinski

Wedding date: September 19th, 2015

Wedding venue: Villa Vannucci

Letter received: November 16th, 2015